Good news for Lakeview Yoga Students:

We offer interactive classes on Zoom and in-studio classes for up to 10 students only.

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If you are unable to pay on mindbody, please call Vidal at (206) 571-5896 to book a class so you can bring your payment with you to the studio.

Thank you, Vidal and the Lakeview Yoga Staff.

Lakeview Yoga and Wellness

is your premier local center for Yoga,

offering Hot, Power Vinyasa & Gentle Yin classes.

hot yoga

Hot Yoga is a 90 minute class. Students of every experience level build strength, balance and flexibility. This challenging workout takes place in a heated room to encourage an increased range of motion in muscles, joints and ligaments. The set series of compressions and extensions help:

power yoga

Power Yoga is a 60-90 minute class. This Vinyasa, or flowing style, yoga builds strength and flexibility through continuous movement. The changing series of standing, balancing and floor work is designed to invigorate the body and focus the mind. Like Hot Yoga, most Power Yoga classes are held in a heated room*. Power Yoga classes provide a dynamic and exciting workout to help:

* Mon 6:15PM and Thu noon Power classes are held in a non-heated room.

yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a 60 minute class. It is a gentle and meditative Yoga practice designed to deeply stretch the connective muscle tissue. Yin complements and counterbalances other muscle building and strengthening practices. Yin Yoga is not held in a heated room. Relaxing and restoring Yin classes help:

t'ai chi

T’ai Chi is a 60 minute class. It is an internal, introspective Chinese martial art practiced for its many health benefits. Our T’ai Chi class offers movements designed as warm-up exercises to provide moderate aerobic activity. This is followed by postures that exercise different parts of the body, such as the chest, the torso, the hips, the legs, and the feet. T’ai Chi classes help:

I have had neck and back issues for my whole adult life and have spent a good amount of time and money on chiropractic care. I started attending classes at Lakeview Yoga 6 weeks ago. Since then I have had no back or neck pain, and have range of motion in my neck that I haven't had since I was a kid. My balance, strength, flexibility, and energy level have all noticeably improved.


Schedule of Classes

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: $480 for 6 months of unlimited yoga -- that is only $20.00 a week!

Holiday Schedule
Tue. 12/24 : Power @ 8AM and Hot @ 10AM ONLY
Wed. 12/25 : No classes
Tue. 12/31 : Hot @ 6:00AM and Power @ 9:30AM ONLY
Wed. 01/01 : Power @ 8AM and Hot @ 10AM ONLY

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM 6:00 Hot Power Hot Power
PM 12:00 Power Power
5:00 Hot Power Hot Power
Sat Sun
AM 8:00 Power
9:00 Hot
10:00 Hot
PM 5:00 Hot

My comfort zone typically entails a gym with plenty of iron since I’ve competed in the IFBB as a pro bodybuilder since winning the 2004 USA...Vidal quickly welcomed me to class and really made the learning experience enjoyable and challenging. I’ve found performing hot yoga (particularly the stretching, balancing and mental aspects) three days a week compliments my weight training program. I leave feeling renewed and energized.


Pricing and Packages

To help you get the most out of yoga this summer, we are offering you 6 months of unlimited yoga for the price of 3 months. Buy the 3 month package at $279.00 and get one month free.

To help you get the most out of yoga, we are offering you
6 months of unlimited yoga for $480.00.

Referral Offer: Any time you refer a friend that enrolls in a 3 month or lengthier package, you will receive an additional $50 discount or credit toward your next package as our Thank You.

  • new student intro

  • Includes complimentary second class


  • new student monthly unlimited


  • drop in


  • 5 class

  • Valid for 30 days


  • 10 class

  • Valid for 60 days


  • 20 class

  • Valid for 90 days


  • 1 month unlimited

  • $125/month


  • 3 month unlimited

  • $95/month


  • 4 month unlimited

  • $85/month


  • 6 month unlimited

  • $80/month


  • Yearly unlimited

  • $67/month


Yoga is for health, for wellness, for Life. Join us in healing our bodies through yoga, meditation, and holistic practices...we are more than a yoga studio, we are a wellness center where people gather to share ideas and practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

what should I wear?

What you are comfortable in. Everything will get at least a little damp. Snug fitting clothes work best. Above-the-knee bottoms are recommended. Basically, men wear shorts (lined above the knee), and usually go without a top. Women wear either a bra-top, full length sleeveless athletic top, or tank top, with either lined shorts, bicycle length tights, or yoga shorts.

what should I bring?

Bring a large bath towel and a bottle of water. Should you ever forget these items, we sell water for $1 and rent towels for $2. Also bring a basic sticky yoga mat if you have one. Alternatively, you may rent one for $2.

do I have to pre-register?

No. Just come 20 - 30 minutes early.

what if I cannot tolerate the heat?

Frankly, few people can in the beginning. You are encouraged to lay down as much as you need to. For your own benefit, as well as the benefit of the teacher and all other students, you are not allowed to go in and out of the room.

what if I have an injury?

It is strongly advised that you let us know of any injuries or concerns. Yoga does help many people with chronic pain by helping the body to regain its balance between strength and flexibility, movement and awareness, as well as from the many healing and detoxifying abilities from the heated room. As always, if you are under a doctor’s care for an acute condition, please consult your doctor prior to starting any exercise regime.

Leave your mind at the door and check into Lakeview yoga. A beautiful new studio, and a rich atmosphere bring a variety of people from all walks of life together for 60-90 minutes of mindfulness and heat. Vidal has a warm approach and his genuine love for this practice continues to inspire and motivate, giving students a challenge whether it's the first time or the 200th.



vidal bitton

A gifted teacher and mentor, Vidal Bitton inspires his students with his wisdom, energy, passion, and humor. Vidal’s 35-plus years of martial arts training, combined with extensive study of yoga and meditation, enable him to create a warm yet focused environment where students of every level feel accepted, encouraged, supported and challenged.

Vidal holds fifth degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Tai Chi. His interest in yoga and meditation date back to 1994, when he used yoga and Tai Chi to heal an injury. Vidal has also studied Kriya yoga (yogic breathing) with John MacAfee.

A man of many passions, Vidal is also an accomplished chef who won the “Best Chef on the Eastside” award in 1996. He enjoys incorporating many types of music into his classes, and his love of music inspired Vidal to produce his own CD: Yochido. The music, like his teaching, flows from his heart. Vidal balances the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga to help his students grow, both in practice and in life.

photo of vidal bitton

A gifted teacher and mentor, Vidal Bitton inspires his students with his wisdom, energy, passion, and humor.

photo of shyrah tharp

shyrah tharp

Shyrah began her yoga journey 12 years ago in Seattle, when her husband (then boyfriend) took her to her first Bikram class. She instantly fell in love with the practice. It was cleansing, purifying, and rewarding. For her, it helped her spiritually, mentally, and physically. Soon after she took her first class she was a regular at the Kirkland Hot Yoga studio. She knew yoga was her calling, and that becoming a teacher would fulfill her need to help others the way it helped her. She was finally able to fulfill her dream to teach when she completed her teaching training program in January of 2012.

Linda Banning

I spent most of adult life relaying on weight lifting as the primary form of exercise as I did not like anything else. In 2012 at the age of 51 I stepped into a hot yoga room for the first time. Prior to that I had spent 15 years in meditation, metaphysical studies & energy healing work, never thinking they would combine into one practice. What I saw in that first class changed me. What I’ve experienced since then has also changed me & helped me continue to heal. I am now enjoying sharing the practice with others through teaching.

photo of linda banning

photo of rachel lu-brown

rachel lu-brown

Rachel started loving yoga in 2007 and pursued teacher training with Les Leventhal. Six years as a Fitness Director in a private retirement community led her to realize the importance of health and wellness. Rachel enjoys different styles of Yoga and brings these practices into her teaching. Her yoga philosophy: To be physically fit without equanimity does not lead to a balanced life. The world is a better place when we feel free and can laugh out loud without the worry of other’s judgements.

christine suzuki


Healthy Homes & Lifestyles offers healthy products and services including meditation & music cd’s & books, healthy plant based supplements, hypoallergenic facial products, yoga mats and more.

Christine Suzuki, ASID is a nationally acclaimed Interior Designer who specializes in healthy home remodels, custom kitchens, and bathrooms. Her services range from Interior Design consultation, custom furniture, construction drawings and services.

dr. wayne carr


Dr. Wayne Carr, licensed psychologist, is an excellent & experienced, non-traditional, holistic psychotherapist (35 years). He focuses on you fully being your authentic self, finding your own version of enlightenment, healing your emotional wounds, and going after & getting what you truly want in life. He emphasizes fully reinstating the natural healing and growth processes that we were born with. This is primarily done through learning to fully feel through your feelings and fully be aware in the here and now. Also focusing on core long-term healing and the establishment of lifetime self-healing practices.

Contact Dr. Carr for a free consultation, Individuals, couples and families.

mari riksheim, lmp


Mari brings over 20 years of outstanding professional experience to her practice. Each massage is customized to meet your specific needs, including deep tissue, relaxation, cupping, foot reflexology and more.

Discounted package deals and gift certificates available.

jenny farnam, lmp/esthetician


Jenny’s signature massages and skin services will be designed to meet your specific needs. Create your own perfectly-customized combination of services, and feel like a whole new person ~ emphasis on the “whole”.

You will not get more customized, personalized or caring service anywhere else!

sonya grace


photo of sonya grace

I have been practicing massage therapy since graduating in 1998 from Brian Utting School in Seattle. I release deep muscle tension and painful trigger points using an eclectic mix of postural assessment and massage techniques, always working with each person's depth tolerance. My passion is helping people see beyond ideas of “I’m just getting old and going downhill”, and empowering them to take control of their health. Much of what we think of as aging or disease are unhealthy lifestyle and thinking habits which can be changed! Our bodies are capable of radical self-healing, and I'm excited to be working in a field that allows me to be of service.

leah spellen


photo of sonya grace

Dr. Spellen is a licensed naturopathic physician and graduate of Bastyr University. She has a strong passion for women and children’s health, adjunctive oncology care, pain management, counseling, and family medicine.

zen body health
alisha morgan, lmt


pam arno, lmp


Relaxation and injury treatment massage to meet your individual needs. I am a preferred provider for numerous insurance companies as well as L & I and personal injury.

dennis lamaster


photo of dennis lamaster

Trained locally at the Brian Utting School of massage in 1997 -'98, I am a more classical Massage therapist. I manifest health and wholeness using strong Swedish deep tissue work mixed with specific spot work and sports massage stretches. I work on the firmer side. I liken the muscles to sponges that get dirty and need to be squeezed out. I work with you to get your tissues cleaned up, and the cobwebs knocked off, so to speak. (Yes, it can be that simple) I like to reveal things that you may not have known about your body and educate on how to care for yourself. I assume your robust good health and look to you for your input during the session if you feel otherwise. My work can be profoundly moving on all levels.

I also provide injury treatment massage for PIP and L&I clients and I am a preferred provider for Premera, and Lifewise, offering direct billing services.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Products with a Purpose

Healthy Homes & Lifestyles is offering scarves of antique saris & felted wool that are made by rescued women of Nepal’s sex trade. These colorful scarves are signed by the woman/girl who constructed it. Your purchase provides wages for these woman.

Yoga Mats

Healthy Homes & Lifestyles has new yoga mats from Kulae in SEAHAWKS colors blue/green with a new textured surface. Kulae mats are extra long (72”) and are made of healthy, bio degradable materials. Contact Christine for more info

Wellness Center News

Room for rent in Wellness Center
contact Vidal Bitton 206.571.5896 to join our team of professionals!

New Ionized Water filter at Lakeview Yoga and Wellness Center.

Healthy Homes & Lifestyles has purchased an ionized water filter (remember the demonstrations and free drinking water last June?) This system not only filters the chemicals out of the tap water, but it also ionizes the water which alters it into a powerful antioxidant, measured as ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential.) In short, through electrolysis, regular water is turned into a powerful antioxidant and a source of healing. It also increases the PH levels of the water to 9.5 which turns the water into healthy alkaline ionized water. The benefits of alkaline water are similar to eating alkaline foods such as raw fruits and vegetables. We have obtained this ionization system to help and are offering this healing water to our students for one year combined with a Lakeview Yoga & Wellness water bottle for $85.00. Please contact Christine for your new water bottle or if you wish to sign up.